Hemp Hurd

1 Kilogram of American Grown Hemp Hurd

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    These American grown hemp hurds are also known as "Shives" or "hemp core fiber".Hemp hurds come from the woody inner part of the hemp stalk when the bark fiber is removed. Hemp hurds are woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items such as: hempcrete for construction applications, hemp polymer plastics, soil remediation, animal bedding and automotive and home insulation purposes. It is said that the Queen of England uses hemp hurd fiber for the bedding of her horses because of the hems ability to absorb well and ant-bacterial properties.
    These hemp hurds were grown and processed in America. We are proud to support American hemp farmers and processors. 

    Please note: The cost of shipping may seem high, this is due to the fact that hemp hurd is light and bulky. Hemp hurd is not very dense so it takes quite a bit of space and requires a large box. 


    Material: 100% hemp hurds
    Uses: Animal bedding, hemp board, mulch, soil remediation, hempcrete, hemp plastics and hemp insulation... 
    Specifications: 1kg equals approx. 1 square foot
    American Grown and Processed