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    These hemp hurds are also known as "Shives" or "hemp core fiber". These 100% hemp hurds come from the woody inner part of the hemp stalk when the bark fiber is removed. Hemp hurds are woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items. They are similar to wood chips having super absorbency and being very light. These hemp hurds are used in industrial applications ranging from animal bedding, construction hemp board (similar to OSB board), mulch and as a cement to build houses with higher R-Values known as hempcrete.

    * Price is per 1/2, 1/4 and full Kilogram

    For orders larger than 20 Kilograms please call or send email for bulk pricing and discounts.



    Material: 100% hemp hurds
    Uses: Animal bedding, hempcrete, hemp board, mulch, oil spills, nuclear remediation, etc..
    Price: Price is per 1/2, 1/4 and full kilogram

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    Can You Build a House With Hemp?

    Growing industrial hemp was illegal in the United States after 1970 because the industrial plant and marijuana were considered to be the same, when in fact they are different varieties of Cannabis. In recent years, some states have changed their laws, allowing farmers to start growing industrial hemp, which is used in everything from clothing to nutritional products to building materials. Oregon grower Cliff Thomason says growing and processing hemp was stymied because it was illegal, but now a knowledge base for best uses can grow, along with the plants. View a hemp home constructed using hempcrete, a building material that advocates claim is mold resistant, breathable, and eco-friendly. Click here to read more: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/energy/2015/09/150908-hemp-homes-could-get-high-as-cannabis-gets-legal/ VIDEOGRAPHERS: Patrick Gilmore and Spencer Macdonald PRODUCER: Patrick Gilmore SENIOR PRODUCER: Jeff Hertrick EDITOR: Patrick Gilmore
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