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Hemp Hurd Pallet (891lbs)

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    This listing is for one pallet of imported hemp hurd. This hemp hurd is not as refined and processed into smaller particle sizes. The bast fiber to hurd content is approximately 70% hurd and 30% bast fiber. The pallet weighs approx. 891 lbs and is comprised of 10 bales of approx. 40.4 kgs each. Due to the shortage of domestic hemp hurd we are currently importing to supply demand. 

    These hemp hurds are also known as "Shives" or "hemp core fiber". These 100% hemp hurds come from the woody inner part of the hemp stalk when the bark fiber is removed. Hemp hurds are woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items. They are similar to wood chips having super absorbency and being very light. These hemp hurds can be used in industrial applications ranging from animal bedding, construction hemp board (similar to OSB board), mulch and as a hempcrete to build houses with higher R-Values. 

    This listing is for one pallet of bulk hemp hurd. It ships via 1 pallet (48" x 48" x 85") that contains approx. 891 pounds (404kgs).

    If you are interested in purchasing a full pallet or more please call to calculate freight shipping

    Material: 100% hemp hurd

    Weight: approx. 891lbs (404kgs)