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Expected release date is Dec 18th 2020
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    This hemp hurd is also known as Shives or hemp core fiber. Hemp hurd comes from the woody inner part of the hemp stalk. Hemp hurd is woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items such as: hempcrete, hemp polymer plastics, soil remediation, animal bedding as well as automotive and home insulation purposes. 

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    Hempcrete: Hemp hurd lime and water combine to make an ideal insulative material. Hempcrete has the idealistic properties of natural humidity control, carbon sequestering and fire, pest and mold resistance.
    Hemp Animal Bedding: has a very high absorption capacity and is an excellent bedding product for horses. Moisture, odors and ammonia are swiftly absorbed. Also ideal for chickens and rabbits.
    Soil remediation: Also know as phytoremediation is a process in which contaminants are absorbed by the fast-growing roots of the cannabis plant which stores or, in some cases, transforms toxins into a harmless substance. 


    Material: 100% hemp hurds
    Uses: Animal bedding, hemp board, mulch, soil remediation, hempcrete, hemp plastics and hemp insulation... 
    Specifications: 1kg equals approx. 1 square foot (2.2 pounds to 1kg)
    100% Compostable

    Ground use: 16oz = approx. 1square foot 1 inch thick

    Product Specifications

    Source Material Hemp Hurd
    Particle Density

    ρ = 1.178 g/cm3

    Bulk Density

    ρ = 0.152 g/cm3

    Moisture Content 10%
    Fiber Content <3%