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Natural Hemp Fiber Insulation

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  • Product Description

    Hemptopia Natural Hemp Fiber Insulation is an all-natural, thermal insulation. Composed of a proprietary blend of domestic grown hemp fibers, it serves as an alternative to glass fiber. Natural Fiber Hemp Insulation is light-weight, easy to handle, flexible and contributes to better in-home air quality. It provides the functionality of traditional insulation without agitating the skin or toxic irritants. 

    Thickness Width Length
    3.5" 15" 96"
    R-Value Fire & Smoke Vapor Barrier
    R-13 Class-B Unfaced

     *One batt covers 10 sq/ft

     Hemptopia Natural Fiber Insulation comes in 96" x 15" batts, and can be cut to size with a serrated blade. Insulation is designed for typical stud frame.

    Natural Fiber Insulation is delivered in 1-pallet increments (or truckloads). Each pallet contains 30 bags of insulation 
    Each containing a single 96”x15” batt 10 sqft – for a total of 300 sqft of insulation per pallet. Each pallet is approximately 45” wide x 48” long x 66” tall and weighs approximately 270 pounds (including the pallet).

    Insulation may be purchased 3 ways:

    (1) Per Pallet – good pricing with no minimum number of pallets
    (2) Per Truck – better pricing and includes 26 pallets
    (3) Per Truck with Supply Agreement – best pricing and includes a commitment to purchase at least 3 trucks annually

    Tier Pallet Truck Truck W/Supply Agreement
    Insulation Amount

    30 batts
    300 SqFt

    26 Pallets
    7,800 sqft
    3 Trucks annual minimum
    Pricing $297.00/Pallet $7488.00/truck $7166.00/truck
    Effective Price Per Sqft $0.99 $0.96 $.92

    Pricing does not include transportation or storage costs.

    To place an order please contact us for pricing and calculated freight costs.  

    General Properties of Natural Fiber Insulation

    - Effective acoustic properties
    - Rapid renewal blend of natural fibers including Hemp and Kenaf
    - Durable & Resilient tensile strength
    - Easy Installation
    - Salt-Based Fr treatment that also helps to reduce mold, mildew & pests
    - Formaldehyde-free, inert binder system