Viable Hemp Fiber seed

Viable Hemp Fiber Seed 250 Grams

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    The long wait is over: Hemp Fiber Planting Seeds are now available. 

    Benefiting many industries and ecosystems; Industrial hemp is essential for our success and livelihood as a country and planet.

    This variety is a ChinMa variety. 

    Approximate number of seeds per pound is 27,840. 

    Industrial hemp is 0.3% or less THC as defined by USDA and FDA.  

    These hemp seeds are different from Hemp Grain Seeds. These seeds are for fiber purposes in either apparel, hemp hurd for animal bedding or hempcrete construction purposes. 

    Seeding rates for industrial hemp grown for fiber are 40-50 pounds per acre. Recommended harvest at 100 days. 8-14 feet tall males and females.


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