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Walmart Fazing out single use bags. Hemptopia offers

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Since January 2023 the super store chain Walmart has been fazing out single use bags. While it's not going to take immediate effect nation wide. The following states are the first to implement this ban: New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Colorado and Connecticut. Starting April 18th Washington and Oregon Walmart shoppers will bid  single use plastic and paper bags farewell. Walmart states that with these 6 initial states they will avoid the use of 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags yearly.

Many reusable bags are made with polyester which is a petroleum by-product. Leaving many to wonder what bags they should be using. While paper bags are a great option they are primarily a single use bag. Some brands have also been lining the interior of the paper bags with wax to allow them to hold more or even last an extra shopping trip. However, lining the paper bag with wax doesn't allow them to be recycled like other paper bags. With all the new issues surrounding the daily consumer on which bags to use; Hemptopia has a solution. Our reusable hemp tote bags are made from natural hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. This unique blend of material allows the bag to have sound environmental qualities while still allowing you to wash them on high heat to disinfect them from carrying produce which can grow mold after multiple trips to to the grocery store. The recycled polyester also adds additional strength to have resistance from wear and tear. For more information regarding our unique hemp tote bags visit here: Hemptopia tote bags

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Federal banking agencies issue joint guidance confirming the legal status of hemp and the requirements for banks to provide financial services to businesses.

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Just signed #FarmBill18 Conference Committee Report. Consensus reached! Next stops: Full House➡️ Senate➡️ President— James Comer (@KYComer) December 10, 2018

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