Hemp Rope


We stock a full range of 100% hemp rope in many different sizes. Hemp rope, crafted from the fibers of the versatile hemp plant, embodies a rich history dating back thousands of years. Renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, hemp rope has been an indispensable tool for humanity throughout the ages. From ancient maritime voyages to modern-day sustainable practices, its reliability has made it a favored choice for various applications. Beyond its utilitarian value, hemp rope carries an eco-friendly allure, as hemp cultivation requires minimal pesticides and fertilizers, making it an environmentally conscious alternative to synthetic fibers. With its natural golden hue and robust texture, hemp rope stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of this remarkable plant and its myriad of practical and ecological benefits. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber on the planet and was used on many of the sailing ships coming from Europe to the new world America. Hemp fiber is naturally resistant to ultra-violet light and does not deteriorate in salt water. Hemp rope finds a myriad of uses across different domains. Historically, it has been extensively utilized in maritime activities, serving as rigging on ships due to its strength and resistance to saltwater corrosion. In agriculture, it's employed for tasks like bundling crops or securing livestock. Additionally, it's a popular choice for crafting decorative items, such as macramé art and woven baskets, due to its natural aesthetic appeal. In outdoor activities, hemp rope serves as a durable option for camping, rock climbing, and tree swings. Moreover, it's gaining traction in the construction industry for its sustainability, being used in eco-friendly building materials like hempcrete and as a reinforcement in plaster. Its versatility extends to the realm of arts and crafts, where it's utilized in projects ranging from jewelry-making to furniture upholstery. As society leans towards eco-conscious practices, hemp rope continues to evolve, finding new applications in sustainable fashion, interior design, and even in the creation of eco-friendly packaging materials.

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