Hemp Webbing

Now Stocking Made in the USA Hemp Webbing!

Our Hemp Webbing is made from 100% all natural hemp. This webbing functions great for making dog collars, leashes, belts and all other sorts of applications requiring a strap type material. Hemp webbing is antimicrobial, resistant to ultraviolet light and does not deteriorate in salt water. We stock a full range of weaves and widths including 1/2", 5/8" 1",1.35", 1.5", and 2" hemp webbing. We also have colored hemp webbing in blue, green, black and natural.
We can work with you to design and develop your own custom hemp webbing for a particular application or product development. We have partnered with a U.S mill and are now manufacturing some of our hemp webbing right here in the United States. All of our hemp webbing is available at discounted wholesale pricing to approved wholesale customers. If you are a retailer, or company wishing to purchase hemp webbing in bulk please fill out our wholesale application here:       


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This is a video of our hemp webbing machine making a 100% hemp 1.5" canvas webbing for one of our customers. As you can see from the video the machine is gathering all the yarn from the spools and weaving them into a canvas webbing 1.5" wide. When the spools of hemp yarn run out they are changed out and new spools of yarn are put on and the machine starts back up to continue production. Our webbing is made fair-trade and as you can see only one or two people are needed to either re-spool the machine when the yarn breaks or runs out. Once the settings have been adjusted, the machine does all the work and weaves the hemp yarn into webbing. And that folks is how hemp webbing is made.

Contact us today to discuss production of custom hemp webbing and get straight from the factory pricing.