Hemp History

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History of the miracle crop




Hemp cord has been found and dated in ancient pottery in what is now modern China and Taiwan, carbon dated back as far as 8,000 BCE. Being found in multiple forms of pottery and even found seed remains on dinnerware allowing for the assumption that even back then they where eating hemp seeds. Moving forward in time we start to see the appearance of paper mills in china around 700BCE however this mills where making paper from hemp fiber; starting out as people powered and slowly merging into animal or water powered. 

600BCE we see the occurrence of the first hemp rope in Russia. Then threw the decades following with the timelines of when great civilization started trading and encountering other great civilizations we see hemp rope popping up in China, Greece, Berlin, and 100BCE we see it appear in Great Britain. As the world progresses so does the use of hemp. In 570 AD we see a French Queen is buried in her formal clothes made entirely out of hemp. In 1533 AD King Henry the VIII fines farmers who don't grow hemp plants for the continued use of ropes and sails. 

In 1616AD Jamestown settlers start to grow Hemp plants to make clothes, rope, and sails with. Then in the early 1700's laws are put on American farmers to grow hemp crops across the colonies. While in 1776 one of the most important documents in US history is drafted upon a parchment made entirely from hemp. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on a hemp parchment. Continuing this trend of presidents using hemp, it was proven that the oil Abraham used in his lamps where hemp seed oil.