Hemp Twine

We've got a wide selection of hemp twine with a variety of colored hemp twine and sizes to choose from! Hemp twine is great for arts and crafts and can be used for beading & jewelry. Since our hemp twine is grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides it's great for use with eco-friendly projects. It's also UV resistant, antibacterial and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers don't deteriorate in salt water which means our hemp twine is also great for projects involving the ocean. Hemp twine is also known as hemp cord, hemp string or hemp rope. We also have bee's waxed hemp cord which can also be known as hemp wick. It can be used to make candles and be used as a healthier alternative for smoking as you can use it to light your herb instead of direct butane flame contact.

Our hemp twine is also available wholesale! It has been used in a variety of projects and products and is a popular choice for eco-friendly and environmentally friendly businesses. If you're interested in purchasing our twine wholesale, please fill out our wholesale application on our hemp wholesale page.


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