Hemp Wick

Our degummed hemp fiber is a great choice to be used as hemp wick on vaporizers and e-cig coils. It's completely natural and organic and provides a great taste that is a better alternative over cotton which is commonly used. We seller in larger quantities which makes it great for vape shops wanting to sell to their retail customers.

We also have bee's waxed hemp twine which is great for use as a hemp wick. This provides a great natural taste over butane from a lighter and is without any nasty chemicals or pesticides. This is a much healthier option and is very handy. A popular method of use with this hemp wick is to wrap a few feet around a lighter so that it's always on handy and ready to be used. We also offer bulk hemp wick wholesale with spools of 700 feet being available. If you'd like a larger amount contact us for pricing and info.

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