Womens Hemp Clothing

Our Women's hemp clothing is designed around comfort & functionality. Our t-shirts are made from a blend of all natural hemp yarn and organic cotton. This blend provides strength and durability while still maintaining comfort. The hemp also acts as an anti-microbial making these shirts resistant to mold and mildew. The shirts also block more ultra-violet light than normal cotton or synthetic chemical fiber t-shirts. These hemp tees are soft, durable and have superior benefits then your normal tee. Try one on today and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Great for outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, sailing, or just working around the house or in the garden. A better fit for you and Mother "Earth".   

About our Hemp Apparel

Our hemp clothing is made from a blend of natural and organic cotton yarn. Woven or knitted with care to provide you with years of function & durability and comfort. Made fair-trade and environmentally sound.

Hemp Care Instructions

Hemp apparel is easy to clean & maintain, you can use warm or cold water, machine dry or hang dry, just be sure not to use bleach.

Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Hemp produces the ultimate, cozy, comfortable, professional, versatile antibacterial & UV protective apparel ever! No other textile fiber can match the delightful, good feeling properties of hemp when worn on the body. Hemp keeps you comfy, warm in the winter, and refreshingly cool in the summer. The porous nature of the fiber allows hemp shirts to breath, yet still insulate. Hemp’s natural properties are resistant to the bacteria in perspiration, therefore you will be left feeling cool and fresh all day and night. Hemp also blocks more U.V light then other natural fibers. Hemp blended with cotton yarn creates a strong, comfortable garment with superior benefits.