1940's Kentucky Hemp Farmer Speaks About What It Was Like Growing Hemp Back In The Day.


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Harold, a farmer in Kentucky who used to produce hemp back in the 1940's, shared his reaction to it possibly becoming a big thing again in Kentucky.

"When we were growing it we heard that people were smoking it. From what I understand from growing it, it doesn't have that same effect," said Harold.

"The Philippines is where they got the material for the rope," said Mark. "But since the Japanese were getting ready to over run them they had to have a source for the rope."

Perhaps the biggest misnomer about hemp is that it isn't the same as pot. In fact, its quite different.

"The THC content, which is what people get high on, is very low or none. Actually you wouldn't really get high, people might try it but they're not going to get any kind of high off of this," said Mark.

The only high the Allen family is getting is from the happiness farming brings them.

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