All Natural Hemp Tshirts Now Available in Bold Beautiful Red


Women’s Red Hemp/Cotton TshirtsRed Tshirt Womens Hemp

Soft and beautiful, these hemp t-shirts combine stylish comfort with durability.

Made from all natural fabric (55% hemp and 45% organic cotton) these shirts are anti-microbial, ultraviolet light resistant, strong and durable.

Benefits of hemp fabric:

Hemp has the ability to wick moisture and breath better because of the porous nature of the fiber. Hemp has a high absorbency rate because of the fibers unique molecular structure. Hemp is anti-microbial which means the fiber is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Hemp has small air pockets within the fiber which allow more air to pass through allowing the fiber to breath better, thus not allowing bacteria and mold to grow.

Red hemp Tshirt

Hemp is sustainable and environmentally-friendly:

Hemp is a naturally organic, chemical-free and environmentally friendly fiber. Hemp can be grown using little to no pesticides, whereas cotton consumes about 16-25% of the worlds insecticides – more than any other single crop. Hemp crops also do not require herbicides, mainly because hemp grows so dense it blocks out light from reaching the ground not allowing any other vegetation to grow. Hemp is a rotational crop – the rotation crop is usually vegetables. Hemp crops also do not deplete the soil of natural and beneficial nutrients and minerals. Hemp is a high yield fiber crop which is fast growing, maturing in usually 90-120 days.

Hemp – The Weave of the Future
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fashion

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