American Grown Hemp Hurd Now in Stock

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We just received our first shipment of 100% American Grown Hemp Hurd from the great state of Kentucky.
"The first hemp plant was grown in Kentucky in 1775, and Kentucky led the nation in hemp production until the Civil War. Used as a fiber to make fabrics, textiles, construction materials, clothing, paper and many other products, hemp was a staple cash crop in America for many decades. Famed statesman Henry Clay, who, like us, represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate, grew hemp."
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We are proud to be supporting American hemp farmers and processors. 

This hemp hurd was designed for the construction market to be used as hempcrete for building houses. 

We stock the hemp hurd in California and Kentucky. Please contact us today for discounted large volume purchases. 

Pricing: $5.54/kg

Ph: 1-805-691-9565

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