Hemp Sock Sale Going On Now! Price Reduced to $10.50 with Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.A

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We are having a Holiday Season Sale on our Hemp Socks. Only $10.50 with Free Shipping to all States in the U.S.A

These hemp socks will make a great stocking stuffer. They are from hemp which has added benefits of being stronger, more durable, anti-microbial and breath much better then all cotton or chemical fiber polyester socks. Benefiting you and the planet. Hemp is grown sustainably and is now being grown in select states in the U.S including Kentucky and Colorado. Help to bring hemp back to the U.S as a commercial commodity crop for farmers. You can find these great hemp socks here:            

  • anti-microbial
  • eco-friendly
  • Free shipping
  • Hemp Socks
  • sale
  • U.S.A
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