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40kg Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber

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    This listing is for a bulk purchase of 40 kilograms of degummed hemp fiber. This is our most refined Grade A 100% degummed hemp fiber available. It has been thoroughly combed and cleaned of most all debris and containments. This fiber is cotton like in appearance and is at the last step before being spun into a yarn for knit or woven fabric. Made from 100% naturally processed hemp. It makes for an amazing hemp wicking material in vapor mod e-pens and e-cigarettes. It also works well as a batting or stuffing for craft projects and pillows due to it being hypoallergenic. This also works well as animal bedding. It's extra clean, refined Grade A degummed hemp fiber with all of the lignin removed. If you're looking for a smaller amount, we do have another listing with smaller amounts able to be purchased.

    Dimensions: 32" high X 17" wide 12" deep 
    Shipping weight: 90lbs