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We can provide direct order from the manufacturer of private label and bulk wholesale hemp products.
With our connections to the highest quality hemp productions available, you can save by getting direct wholesale pricing and the best quality available.
Offering promotional hemp products and goods for companies & stores or entire hemp apparel lines.
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The Benefits of Hemp

Hemp, also known as Industrial hemp is a precious fiber cultivated without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Hemp is globally recognized as a unique environmentally friendly resource. The fiber of hemp is naturally anti-microbial which means it holds a natural resistantance to mold and mildew. Hemp under magnification has small air pockets within the fiber which allow more air to pass through allowing the fiber to breath better, thus not allowing bacteria and mold to grow. Hemp grows so dense together it blocks out light from reaching the ground not alllowing any other vegitation to grow up and no need for herbicides. Hemp crops also do not depleat the soil of natural and beneficial nutrients and minerals, making hemp a great rotation crop for vegetables.
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