Grade A 100% degummed hemp fiber.

Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber

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    This is our most refined Grade A 100% degummed hemp fiber available. It has been thoroughly combed and cleaned of most all debris and contaminants. This fiber is cotton like in appearance and is at the last step before being spun into a yarn for knit or woven fabric. It makes for an amazing wicking material. Made from 100% hemp naturally processed. Can be used as a hemp wicking material in vapor mod e-pens and e-cigarettes or used as a batting stuffing material for hypo-allergenic purposes. Extra clean, refined grade A degummed hemp fiber, liginin removed.

    1kg is approximately 1 cubic foot boxed. 

    Available in quarter, half and full kilogram weights.
    Also available for bulk purchase ordering. Call or email us for wholesale pricing.

    1/2 KG  - $20.50

    1/4 KG  - $12.25

    *Price is per Kilogram


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    1. Great wicking material with a downfall

      Got my hemp fiber in postage today and was very excited to try it out. Opens the package and was taken a little back. Not very familiar with it as I’ve never used it before nor had seen it for that matter. But let’s get on with the pros and cons.
      Pro: Wicks fantastic, great price, fast shipping and great flavor from my e-liquid.
      Cons: harder to work with over cotton, very dirty (lots of debris and requires quite a bit of grooming to be in a useable state, nothing like picture above).
      Overall I would recommend using this for a great vape wick and would only like to receive cleaner batches that require less time grooming to make useable.

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