Hemp Hurd Pallet

One Pallet Bulk Hemp Hurd Approx. 560 Pounds

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    These hemp hurds are also known as "Shives" or "hemp core fiber". These 100% hemp hurds come from the woody inner part of the hemp stalk when the bark fiber is removed. Hemp hurds are woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items. They are similar to wood chips having super absorbency and being very light. These hemp hurds are used in industrial applications ranging from animal bedding, construction hemp board (similar to OSB board), mulch and as a cement to build houses with higher R-Values known as hempcrete.

    This listing is for a 560lb pallet of bulk hemp hurd. It ships via pallet (48" x 48" x 84") that contains 560 pounds (254kgs) of hemp hurd. 

    Wholesale Pricing:

    1 Pallet (approx. 560lbs / 254kgs) = $380.80 

    LTL price (less than truckload) $1.50kg  around .68¢ pound
    FTL (24 pallets full truck load) $1.25kg around .57¢ pound

    Call for shipping quotes: 1-805-691-9565

    We do have smaller amounts of 1kg available in this listing.


    Material: 100% hemp hurds
    Uses: Animal bedding, hempcrete, hemp board, mulch, oil spills, nuclear remediation, etc..
    Grown and Processed in the USA.