Hemp Hurd Pallet

One Pallet Bulk Hemp Hurd Approx. 682 Pounds (American Grown)

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Expected release date is Dec 18th 2020
  • Product Description

    This is 100% American grown and processed hemp hurd or also known as shive. They are derived from the stalk of the industrial hemp plant and are cultivated specifically for fiber use, growing very tall, narrower in diameter and planted more closely than CBD or grain crops. This hemp hurd is processed in a state of the art decortication facility one of the best in the country which allow us to have consistent particle size, fiber to hurd content and moisture ratio. Hemp hurds are woody in texture and are primarily used in non-woven items. Hemp hurd has a great absorbency rate and resistance to mold, mildew and other insect pests. This hemp hurd can be used as animal bedding for horses, small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and in poultry farms. This hemp hurd can also be used to make hempcrete for building applications when combined with a lime binder and water. It can be either cast into blocks, sprayed or cast in place. 

    This listing is for a 682lb pallet of bulk hemp hurd that can be used for animal bedding or to make hempcrete. It ships via one pallet (48" x 48" x 72") that contains 682 pounds (310kgs) of hemp hurd. 

    Bulk Wholesale Pricing:

    1 Pallet (approx. 682lbs / 310kgs) = $745.00 

    LTL price (less than truckload-over 5 pallets) $1.50kg -  .68¢ pound
    FTL (26 pallets full truck load) $1.25kg - .57¢ pound

    Freight quotes are calculated upon order: 1-805-691-9565


    Material: 100% hemp hurds
    Uses: Animal bedding, hempcrete, hemp board, mulch, soil remediation, poultry farms and ground cover
    Grown and Processed in the USA.